Anonymous asked: remember the time you were staywithmetonighthephaistion, i've been following you since ;A; i love u ok

I do remember! It was a long time ago! Thanks for sticking around for so long, I love you too :3

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Anonymous asked: do you have a link to the star trek interview you made the gifs out of? :)

Sure :) Here.

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Anonymous asked: It's okay to get drunk alone. I'm doing the same here. Cheers! And a happy new year, tho c:

here’s to us, babe <3

have a great new year!

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Anonymous asked: i love your gifs so much *___* may I request a gifset of the uhm, "conversation" Sherlock had with Miss Mackenzie in Reichenbach Fall? haven't found any gifset of that scene at all. if you did, may you pls direct me to it? thanks! (ps. have I told you I love your gifs?)

Thank you :)) and I promise, I’ll make a gifset of this scene as soon as I find more time for Tumblr and photoshop!

Sorry for the late reply! <3

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Anonymous asked: can i ask for a request bc i rly like your trainspotting photosets !!! pls make some more luv ur blog btw! :-)

Thank you :))

And yes, of course, I’ll try to make some more! 

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Anonymous asked: hey i saw that you posted gifs of jared accepting his GQ award, do you by any chance happen to have a link to that video?

Yes, here :)

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Anonymous asked: a guy giving his eyes and shit to people he doesn't even know, because he survived a car crash.

okay I have no idea

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Anonymous asked: dude disguised as a dude disguised as another dude, and a huge fail at an australian accent, and lots of explosions, and then it's revealed to be a big hollywood production at the end :3 (i hope you're the one doing all these crappy synopses guessing of movies because i don't remember who it was for sure ;A; also i love your bloogggg //all the hugs)

Yeah, I was doing this yesterday XD

Oh, it has to be Tropic Thunder :D

And thank you for the love, bb! <3 

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Anonymous asked: So there's this movie about a bunch of color-coordinated men who get totally fucked.

Reservoir Dogs, yes? XD

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Anonymous asked: theres these people there is, a few of them. and there is this other guy with uh black hair, and he's trying to uh, you know. and this first group of people has to make sure he doesn't do it, in new york city.


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